We are Blue Streak Pilot Car Services.  We have been in business for the last 8 years, residing in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada and finally back to Orange, Texas, just 4 miles from the TX/LA state line, where we expect to be forever, our names are Jack & Sharon Daniels, telephone numbers are: Home & Office - (409) 232-0608  Jack - (409) 651-4387and Sharon - (409) 504-2417, Fax - (888) 217-3111 [Toll Free].  Jack & Shoron are Certified in Uath, Arizona and Colorado,  Kansas Super-Load approved, have been New Mexico Inspected, Amber Lights permited in NV & GA. We carry 1 Million Dollars  in Liability Insurance, on-board Internet, Fax, Scan, Print and Copy, as well as 2 separate GPS Units at all times.  Communication is done with (2 ) 40-channel CB radios and one handheld.  In addition, we have HAM radio, 2 Meter & 70 CM bands for Emergency use when cell  & CB don't work. Both Sharon & I hold valid Amateur Radio (HAM) licenses.
We Do It All...Flagging, Lead, Chase, Hi-Pole, and Route Surveys. Safe, Fast and Dependable Service!
Our Old Truck Working

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