Blue Streak Pilot Car Services, formerly, JACSAN Pilot Car Services, have been in business for 8 years now, plus doing Hi-Pole work for over 6 years.  We changed our name because in the past we were working with another pilot service and do not want to be associated with that service anymore. We thought about using J&S Pilots, but that name was aready taken. We took Blue Streak because our van is blue and we are safe, fast and reliable. I (Jack) and my wife (Sharon), do our work as a team. Since I have physical challenges, I do all of the driving, (sometimes Sharon does too) while Sharon does the flagging, navigation (GPS) and anything else that requires her attention.  She has never missed a turn or a road, thus, keeping us on the permitted route.

     We do it ALL!   Flagging, Hi-Pole, Lead, Chase and Route Surveys for Permits.  Also Truck Driver assistance for anything they may need.

We are Landstar, Sentenel, Bennett and ComData Aproved!
Typical Hi-Pole Laod